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Spotlight on Our Data

We have new data!

Michael McGregor (Ryerson, Politics & Public Administration) and his Canadian Municipal Election Study (CMES) research team recently gave their 2014 Toronto Election Study data to CORA for preservation and for making available to researchers, journalists, and others for non-commercial use.

The Toronto Election Study conducted an online panel tracking project with eligible voters in the city of Toronto for the municipal election held on October 27, 2014. For further information, including data download options, technical documentation, and codebook, access the data in ODESI.

This is a rich dataset on voting behaviour and issue opinions from a municipal election in Canada’s largest city. The survey has standard questions on voters’ views of the mayoral and council candidates; political predispositions at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels; as well as attitudes toward issues such as municipal taxation powers, public transit, social housing, and more... [Read More!]