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George Richardson Memorial Stadium

[photo of Richardson Stadium]

Built in 1971, this stadium on west campus is home to Queen's Gaels football team and is used for a variety of other University and local athletic events.

The original Richardson Stadium was built in 1920 and located on what is now Tindall Field as a gift of James Armstrong Richardson, Queen's Chancellor from 1929 to 1939. The old stadium was home to Queen's great Grey Cup teams of the 1920s and hosted U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt when he received an honorary degree from Queen's in 1938.

When a new social sciences complex (Mackintosh-Corry Hall) was planned, the original stadium was torn down and relocated to the newly acquired west campus. The demolition of the old stadium in 1971 was mourned by many students and alumni who thought that such a central building should remain in the heart of campus.

The stadium is named after James Richardson's brother, George Taylor Richardson (BSc 1909), a prominent athlete at Queen's who was killed in action in France during the First World War.

In 2014, the university announced a new stadium revitalization project.

[photo of Richardson Stadium in 1921]

Richardson Stadium, 1921. Courtesy Wallace R. Berry.