Increasing Access

Providing access to non-traditional students or students in designated groups

Queen's University is committed to providing an educational experience that is both broad and formative. We strive to ensure that students who willingly engage in the educational process will receive an educational and personal experience that will enrich their lives and those with whom they interact.

Access to our programs encompass the values of educational equity by including mechanisms for students who may not have had opportunity and advantage equal to others. We are aware that life circumstance may prohibit, present barriers, and/or discourage access for some students. In order to rectify this, Queen's University has several faculties that have access policies that allow for persons in disadvantaged or designated groups to access and engage in the Queen's educational experience.

Admissions requirements are varied for each faculty. One example is that the Faculty of Law at Queen's seeks applications from individuals who have not taken the traditional educational patters and they admit approximately 20% of their annual student compliment from the Indigenous and Access categories. The School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, Faculty of Arts and Science, and Faculty of Education also have access categories and processes for Indigenous candidates.

The following URL's will provide a direct link to the admissions requirements for some of the faculties and programs at Queen's University:

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