Employment Equity at Queen's University

Employment Equity Policy

Employment Equity is a program designed to ensure that all individuals have a fair chance in the areas of recruitment, hiring, remuneration, promotion and training. It is a program that strives for:

  • A diverse workforce
  • Equitable and fair employment systems

Employment Equity is needed to remove systemic discrimination that has historically disadvantaged particular groups in the area of employment. These groups include Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, women and racialized groups. Systemic discrimination includes policies and practices that unintentionally exclude individuals for reasons that are not job-related; not related to ability; and not related to the safe operation of an organization. Equity Services provides a number of services related to Employment Equity, including equity training workshops, data analysis and reporting.

Employment Equity Plan

Under the Employment Equity Act (1995), a federal employer must ensure that persons in designated groups (Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, women, and racialized groups) are represented in each occupational classification in a manner that reflects their representation in the Canadian workforce, or those segments of the Canadian workforce, “that are identifiable by qualification, eligibility or geography and from which the employer may reasonably be expected to draw employees.”

The Federal Contractors Program (FCP) was developed by Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to enforce the employment equity compliance of large, provincially regulated employers. These “Federal Contractors”, including Queen’s University, are required to certify their commitment to employment equity by showing that they meet, or are taking measures that will enable them to meet, FCP criteria. In order to meet those criteria, the Human Rights and Equity Office in collaboration with many units across the University, has initiated the development of several programs, practices and procedures.

The Employment Equity Plan is developed yearly with the contributions of the Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Retention and Support (FSRRS) UCARE Sub-Council as well as employees who participate in the Employment Equity Forum. The plan outlines initiatives in the following areas: Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development.

Queen's Employment Equity Plan Annual Report 2023-2024

Employment Equity Framework

A Comprehensive Strategic Framework for Employment Equity will serve the university in the following ways:

  • Consult community on employment equity matters
  • Develop plans to address employment equity in priority areas
  • Establish shared accountability and responsibility for the recruitment, professional development, and retention of designated equity groups at Queen’s University
  • Strategically prioritize measures to address the goals and requirements of FCP
  • Provide educational opportunities about employment equity to improve understanding of equity issues and the university obligations in federal contractors program compliance

Annual Reports

Terms of Reference

To foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce by: Identifying priorities for actionable changes to eliminate barriers to the hiring, selection, promotion and training of equity deserving group members, reviewing data on the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups, Ensuring the implementation of special measures and actions to support the achievement of a representative workforce and monitoring progress on the implementation of PICRDI recommendations relevant to the mandate of the sub-council.


The FSRRS UCARE Sub-Council's work is focused on action items for the Queen’s Employment Equity Plan. The Employment Equity Plan outlines actions under three distinct areas: Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development.


Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Retention and Support Sub-Council Members 2022/2023




Ana Chuc Gamboa Special Projects Officer Human Rights and Equity Office
Awet Weldemichael Faculty Member QUFA Representative

Lavie Williams


Human Rights and Equity Office

Nick Mosey

Senior Advisor and Executive Director

Principal’s Office

Mika Henry

Interim Associate Director

Office of Indigenous Initiatives

Jill Christie

Executive Director

Office of the Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity, and Inclusion)

Paul Kerekes

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Human Resources

Amanda LaRose

University Faculty Staffing Coordinator

Faculty Relations

Melissa Morrison 

Acting Senior Director

Human Resources

Lavonne Hood

AVP Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion

Human Rights and Equity Office

Teri Shearer

Deputy Provost

Provost Office

The EELC was created in 2021 with the objective of providing additional support and resources to those on campus that participate in hiring committees, especially in the capacity of Employment Equity Representative.

The EELC will meet three times per year (once per term) and each meeting will explore different topics relevant to the landscape of Employment Equity at the University and across the province. All Employment Equity Representatives will be invited to the event and time will be allocated to answer questions and foster conversation.

The EELC is chaired by Lavonne Hood (AVP Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion) and discuss issues related to legislation such as the Federal Contractors Program, data collection-related processes and equity intervention to address representation gaps. The EELC also support the work of the Faculty and Staff, Recruitment, Retention and Support (FSRRS) UCARE Sub-Council.

Interested individuals should email equity@queensu.ca for information on attending the meetings or for access to resources.


  • Meeting 1: Special Programs - February 1, 2021
  • Meeting 2: Targeted Hiring - March 27, 2023

Employment Equity Listserv

Queen's in committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are deliberately working at creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that enables people to do their best. Some benefits of subscribing to the Listserv are access to:

  • a forum for members to share ideas on how Queen's can attract and retain the best employees
  • opportunities to inform Queen's on employment equity issues
  • updates from Equity Services regarding employment equity

Everyone is welcome to participate! To join, please email equity@queensu.ca.

Employment Equity Facts

This FAQ reviews employment equity, diversity, and Affirmative Action.  This resource is as a comprehensive guide for understanding employment equity and explains why it is important in today's organizations.

 Employment Equity Facts