Queen's Equity Appointments Process (QEAP)

QEAP is an innovative and award-winning application that collects, tracks, and reports on employment equity data.  The QEAP is able to verify that all hiring committee members have received the appropriate mandatory employment equity training (developed and delivered by the Human Rights and Equity Office).

After two sessions of employment equity training, the “Employment Equity Representative” can access QEAP to determine which designated groups are the most under-represented in the unit (this information is taken from the ICOUNT Queen’s Equity Census and imported into the system). This information will influence the unit’s recruitment strategy.

The QEAP application also does the following:

  • QEAP asks what measures have been taken to attract and recruit members of designated groups.
  • QEAP sends self-identification questionnaires to all applicants inviting them to complete the questionnaire in confidence, only the Employment Equity Representative has access to this confidential information. This information helps to ascertain whether there is a diverse pool of qualified applicants and also aids in decision making with respect to job offer.
  • QEAP is able to track the diversity of the applicant pool from total applicants, to longlist, shortlist, invited to interview, ranking and ultimately, job offer.
  • If the candidate who is offered the job has not self-identified in the unit’s most under-represented group, QEAP prompts the Employment Equity Representative to provide the committee’s rationale.
  • Lastly, a summary report is sent to the unit head as well as the Provost’s Office for monitoring purposes.

Employment Equity Representatives

  1. Attend the  Employment Equity Representatives Training session provided by the Human Rights and Equity Office
  2. Contact equity@queensu.ca to request access to the QEAP Application
  3. Review the recruitment practices, step by step guide (For Staff EE Reps):  Recruitment Practices - Step by Step
  4. Review the  Standard EDII Language in Job Descriptions resource
  5. Review the QEAP User Manual: QEAP User Manual
  6. Frequently asked questions for  Staff Processes and  Faculty Processes
  7. Review steps for  Posting Exempt Term Adjuncts
  8. Access the Application:  QEAP Online Application