Renewal, Tenure, Promotion and & Continuing Appointment

The Employment Equity Representative (EE Rep) of the RTPC Committee has the explicit responsibility for ensuring compliance with the equity process as outlined in Article 24. In accordance with Articles 24.2.1 and 24.2.2 of the Collective Agreement, all members must have participated in an Employment Equity workshop for RTPC and the EE Rep must have participated in an additional Employment Equity Representative workshop. The RTPC application will check and confirm that all committee members have attended an RTPC training workshop.

The EE Rep should complete the equity process as soon as possible after the RTPC Committee reaches a decision and no later than January 1st in departmentalized Faculties and by February 1st in non-departmentalized Faculties. Please ensure that prior to the committee meeting you have reviewed the following evaluation questions:

RTPC Evaluation Questions

RTPC User Manual (PDF 3.9 MB)

RTPC Online Tool