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HSPRI Rounds: Ageing Well w/ Drs. Don Drummond & Duncan Sinclair

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Virtual Seminar
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Ageing Well

w/ Drs. Don Drummond & Duncan Sinclair

“The great majority of seniors want to age well and in place, in homes and communities they can call their own. They want to be able to choose where they live and the structure of their living arrangements. Far too many Canadian seniors get placed where they do not want to be and do not age well. Many remain in alternative level of care beds in hospitals for long periods and are then placed in long-term care homes. Between one-in-nine and one-in-five seniors in LTC facilities could do well with home care, a living arrangement that would suit them better and be a lot less expensive for them and society.

Post-pandemic reviews of long-term care facilities need to consider a broader context. They must embrace and deliver on what seniors want. They must recognize the coming surge in seniors, especially of older cohorts.

The number of seniors increased by 4.2 million over the past 38 years. Over the next 22 years Canada will need to accommodate the needs of another 4.2 million, of whom 82 percent will be 75 years of age and older, sharply increasing the median age and with it the complexity and cost of seniors’ care.”

Source:  Ageing Well. Drummond D, Sinclair CM, Bergen R, COVID-19 Health Policy Working Group. Queen’s University, 2020.


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