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About Queen’s Events Calendar

The university's central events calendar system is maintained under a distributed administration model, with contributors from all corners of the campus.

All students, faculty and staff members with a Queen’s NetID can post events to the calendar.

Use the Sign In / Add Event link.
Sign in with your Queen's NetID.
First time users have to register.

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What kinds of events belong in the calendar?

If you are hosting an event online, please begin your title with one of the following indicators: VIRTUAL, ONLINE, DIGITAL.

Queen’s Events Calendar is for promoting events to the broader Queen’s community.

Events posted to the calendar should be Queen’s events, meaning that they are events organized, hosted and/or sponsored by Queen’s faculties, schools, departments, service and support units, administrative units, research units and governing bodies. This includes student-run activities, such as Student Club activities that are open to the community, and that have been officially sanctioned by the AMS or the SGPS.

Notices of community events happening on campus are also welcome.

Most events in the calendar will take place on Queen’s campus/properties, but occasionally there will be events that take place in the broader Kingston area.

Community events happening off campus can also be promoted through the calendar when there is Queen's involvement.

Some events will be welcoming of the broader public, and some may be limited to or targeted for certain members of the Queen’s community (students, alumni, faculty, researchers, staff, retirees). If an event is intended for a particular audience (such as graduate students), this may be indicated in the event description.

What kinds of events do not belong in the calendar?

  • Events that encourage dangerous or illegal activities. Before any event posting is published, event authors will be asked if they understand and agree to the following:

    “This posting will be associated with my Queen's NetID. I confirm that this event does not contravene or encourage others to engage in activities that would be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other Queen's policies, or municipal, provincial or federal law.”

  • Events that are not open to the broader Queen’s community, that are intended for an exclusive audience or closed guest list.
  • Out-of-town events. Please use other outreach methods to reach an out-of-town audience. (Exceptions may apply.)
  • Deadlines (e.g. application deadlines, payment deadlines, calls for proposals).
  • Ongoing exhibits. Launches or opening night events are welcome, but event notices for each day of an exhibit are not. (Exceptions may apply.)
  • Lectures, labs, seminars, etc., that are part of academic courses and limited to those registered in the course.
  • Duplicate events – one event, one posting! Don't post the same event twice. (Of course, events that repeat on another date/time are welcome.)

Reporting errors or abuse

Reporting errors: Please report errors (such as incorrect date/time, location, etc.) directly to the event contact person using the contact information provided in the event details.

Abuse or inappropriate content: Queen’s reserves the right to remove any inappropriate event posting. In most cases, the author of the event will be contacted when it has been removed or is being moderated.

An active NetID is required to report abuse or inappropriate content through the calendar website. Calendar users can do so by clicking a link on the event page, then submitting an online form to provide an explanation for why the event should be removed. Concerns will be investigated by University Marketing. Once again, the system will have a record of who submitted the form, but their identity will not be disclosed to the event organizers.

See our Report Errors/Abuse page for more details…

Things to keep in mind when posting an event

Authoring and editing an event:

  • Your Queen’s NetID is associated with every event you post, regardless of what contact information you provide in the event details. You are responsible for anything you post.
  • Do not post an event if you have only heard about it and you are not involved with organizing it. Instead, please encourage those directly involved to post the information.
  • Only tag events for faculties, schools, service units, or other entities if they are hosting or sponsoring the event and you are posting on their behalf. More about tags…
  • You can only edit events that you have posted yourself. To edit an event, use the Sign In / Add Event link.
  • Only personal NetIDs for students, faculty and staff can be used to sign in and add events. Generic NetIDs such as "" cannot be used.


  • Keep your event titles as short and sweet as possible, while still providing descriptive information so that it makes sense to users at glance. For example, enter "Drama Movie Night: The Sound of Music" rather than just "Movie Night" or “Sound of Music”.
  • Please use sentence or title case. Do not post in ALL CAPS.
  • There is a maximum limit of 120 characters for event titles. You can post additional details in the description.

Include links:

  • PDF attachments, images, tables, hyperlinks, etc., cannot be added in the event description. If you have additional information about your event posted elsewhere (and you should!), such as a departmental website or Facebook event/page, use the "Link for more information" field. Separate fields for ticketing and registration links are also provided.
  • Be sure to include "http://" or "https://" preceding the link or it will not work properly.


  • Always include contact information for the event. A name and email address is required.
  • Regardless of who is listed as the contact, the event is still associated with your NetID in the system, and you can be held responsible for any inappropriate content.


Once you have posted your event, you can use the share buttons to promote it through a Twitter or Facebook account, or to share by email.

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Cancelling and deleting events:

  • If an event has been cancelled, please do not delete it from the calendar. Instead, update the event status to “Cancelled” and your event will still appear in the calendar but will be marked as “Cancelled”.
  • Please delete only cancelled events that have been added very recently or events that do not meet the criteria for an acceptable post.

Tags, filtering and RSS feeds

Event authors can select from a number tags that are relevant to the type of event and the academic or administrative unit involved. This allows users to filter their calendar views so that only certain kinds of events are shown, such as lectures or faith dates for example.

When posting an event, please note:

  • You should only choose tags for faculties or schools if they, or the departments within them, are hosting, organizing, or sponsoring the event. Do not tag a faculty or school simply because the event might be of interest to its students.
  • If an event is open to all faculties, it is not necessary to select individual tags for each. Events will appear for all faculties/schools by default if no tags are selected.

The tagging function also enables users to customize RSS feeds. For example, an RSS feed from the calendar is used to display events on Queen’s homepage.

Learn more about RSS feeds…

Planning your event

Consider accessibility:

  • When planning your event, book rooms and locations on campus that allow for ease of access by everyone, especially for persons who use wheelchairs or who have mobility disabilities, and also with consideration for those who may not be able to stand for long periods of time. Other considerations include the use of assistive listening devices and ASL interpreters.
  • Include an accessibility statement in your event listing with details on how to contact you for accessibility requirements.

For more tips on accessible event planning, including resources and checklists, see the Accessibility Hub


Ensuring that your event is sustainable may take more time, but it also gives you an edge! Students are often drawn to events that promote sustainability. The AMS provides a number of event planning resources, including a Sustainable Event Planning checklist, with several tips on how to make your event as sustainable as possible.

Event Planning Resources for Students

Find guides, forms and other helpful information for planning a successful event.

Queen's Events Calendar is managed by University Relations.