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A Neurotech Future: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues

Thursday, April 22, 2021
9:15 AM – 5:00 PM

A Neurotech Future: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues

April 22 (open to public) & April 23 (workshop, by invite/request) 

From consumer grade brain-sensing headsets to Elon Musk’s Neuralink concept, neurotechnologies are increasingly present in society. Advances in neurotechnology have the potential to improve quality of life for vulnerable populations with neurological differences and diseases, and to perhaps augment brain function. However, with these benefits come the potential for inadvertent harms, such as degrading privacy and personal agency and leading to surveillance that might promote discrimination and inequalities.  

A Neurotech Future is a first of its kind conference bringing together experts from diverse disciplines (neuroscience, neurosurgery, engineering, computing, law, surveillance studies, ethics, business, industry start-ups) to discuss the ethical, legal, and policy issues surrounding emerging neurotechnologies. Through ongoing collaboration between these fields, we will become better prepared to overcome the potential challenges of a neurotech future.

This workshop emerged from a collaboration between Susan Boehnke (Centre for Neuroscience Studies), David Lyon (Director, Surveillance Studies Centre, Professor in Sociology & Law) and Martha Bailey (Professor, Faculty of Law). It is funded by SSHRC, OBI (Ontario Brain Institute), and various faculties at Queen's (Law, Centre for Neuroscience Studies). 

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