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On the Possibility of an Ethics of the Impersonal Life: Gilles Deleuze and Roberto Esposito

Thursday, November 19, 2020
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Online - Zoom
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Roberto Esposito urges us to recognise and address the challenges posed by globalisation, large-scale migration, climatic change and massive shifts in geo-politics.  At the core of his philosophy lies the rethinking of central concepts, including the notion of life, politics and the person, which he feels need to be reconceived outside of our global, dominant liberal economic paradigm.  Esposito draws upon upon Gilles Deleuze’s “Immanence: A Life” to articulate what he calls the third person. Like Deleuze, the third person or the impersonal, a term borrowed from Simone Weil, Esposito maintains that a person’s life is to be understood as made up of virtualities, events, and singularities. A person’s life, because of its potentiality to actualise itself in unforeseen ways, as evidenced by the immunitary paradigm, has within itself the potential to resist the large-scale governmental determinations that have come to determine modern life. The person’s life is inscribed in what Spinoza and Deleuze tell us is a plane of immanence that is actualised in subjects and in objects, what Esposito calls things. If we conceive of ethics as a way of thinking and living about how we should live with one another, what do Esposito and Deleuze offer us by way of insight about collective, personal life?.........

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