An exciting research opportunity for MSc students looking to get a jump start on some field research this summer.

The position involves collaborative research at the Niaqunguk (also known as the Apex) River watershed in Iqaluit aimed at understanding how water quantity and quality are responding to changing climate and permafrost dynamics in current or future source waters around Iqaluit. There is an abundance of local land users, and thus great interest and need for a thorough understanding of the watershed, especially considering projected population growth and climate change.

Applicants should have a background in at least one of the following areas: hydrology, physical geography, earth sciences, environmental sciences, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, or a related field.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Wright ( and/or Dr. Lafrenière ( with a CV and brief cover letter describing their interest in this position and related experience. Applications will be reviewed until a successful candidate is found.

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