Geophysics for Truth

Geophysics For Truth

Geophysics For Truth is a volunteer initiative of geophysicists providing pro bono geophysical surveys, training and expertise for Indigenous Community's projects across Canada. We are offering Ground Penetrating Radar and other geophysical survey techniques to help with the detection and identification of burials related to former residential school sites.


Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Queen's University
36 Union St.
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

Phone: +1 (613) 533 6621 - Please use email to arrange a phone call


All services are provided pro bono, we do not accept funding from the communities, nor any federal or provincial government programs.

The team of volunteers covers a wide range of geophysical expertise with a focus on GPR, and represents industry and academia from across Canada. We have GPR instrumentation, software and processing expertise available for your project.

While we thrive to perform geophysical surveys at the highest standards, we cannot provide any guarantees that the survey will be successful, that the results are achievable or that the results are correct. Any survey is provided as is. Any survey, its location and date as well as all collected data, maps and interpretations made remain strictly confidential. Any decisions about the use of the survey results remain 100% with the community.

Please see our list of volunteers if you are interested in our services or send an email to

Key aspects of the initiative:

  • Geophysical Surveys, Training and Expertise are always provided pro bono

  • All data, maps, and results remain confidential and all related decisions and use remain 100% with the respective community

  • All methods are non-invasive, no digging, trenching, dredging or drilling is required.

  • GFT will apply professional standards to all aspects of the projects.


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