Anti-Racism: Building a Foundation for Change at Queen's


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Racism is generally perceived as being perpetuated or experienced through personal interactions, rather than how institutions and dominant culture promote racism through the adoption of policies, procedures, programmes, laws, social standards, and language.

The primary audience for this course is anyone who is interested in learning about racism in the Queen’s community and building their capacity and skills related to anti-racism.

This module covers a number of topics including:

  1. Key features of anti-racism and the stages of becoming anti-racist;
  2. Key ideas regarding racism in Canada and how it functions at the individual, social and institutional levels;
  3. How to engage in anti-racism through self-education and action plans.


Note: Ensure you have 45–minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this module. The module will eventually time–out due to inactivity. Refreshing the page after time–out will cause progress in the module to be lost and you will need to complete the module again.


Thank you!

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