Accessible Instruction for Educators


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Thank you for your cooperation with the University's efforts in meeting the Government of Ontario's requirements for accessibility in education.

This training is mandatory for all educators at Queen's University and is part of the Government of Ontario's implementation of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). It features information, videos and resources around the principles of universal design for learning. The University is required to report its numbers to the government, so please ensure that you complete the evaluation at the end. Your completion is forwarded to the Human Rights and Equity Office.

The training requires approximately one hour to complete. If you teach at more than one post-secondary institution and have already taken this training, please provide proof of completion to the Human Rights and Equity Office.

This online course was developed by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Queen's University sincerely thanks UOIT for allowing us to their course content.

Some of the senior leaders, faculty, staff, and students profiled in the videos are no longer at Queen's University. However, the universal design for learning concepts and principles are still relevant for educators. Links to organizations and departments profiled in the video clips are listed at the end of the module.


Note: Ensure you have 45–minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this module. The module will eventually time–out due to inactivity. Refreshing the page after time–out will cause progress in the module to be lost and you will need to complete the module again.


Thank you

Human Rights and Equity Office