Resources on Racism in Canada

A recommended starting place for those who would like to explore and consider their own identity and positionality is the “Power, Privilege and Bias” module. While this module does not speak directly to racism or anti-racist action, an exploration of the themes of ‘power, privilege and bias’ is integral to building and progressing a foundational understanding of how racism operates, anti-racism and corresponding anti-racist action.  View the Training Catalogue.

Faculty of Education, Queen's University

Dr. Claire Ahn
Dr. Alana Butler
Dr. Saad Chahine
Dr. Jennifer Davis
Dr. Anita Jack-Davies
Dr. Heather McGregor
Dr. Lindsay Morcom
Dr. Holly Ogden
Jackson Pind
Dr. Thashika Pillay
Olivia Rondeau
Deb St. Amant
Dr. Michelle Searle

Frances Henry and Carol Tator 4thEdition, 2010
(available at Stauffer Library)

Desmond Cole 2020
(available at Stauffer Library)

Robyn Maynard 2017
(available on 24-hour reserve loan at Stauffer Library)

Frances Henry, Carl James, Peter S. Li, Audrey Kobayashi, Malinda S. Smith, Howard Ramos, and Dua Enakshi 2017
(available at Education Library and online at Queen’s University Library)

Tina Lopes and Barb Thomas 2006
(Available at Stauffer Library) 

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Five module eCourse certification suite