Queen’s is supporting the impact of

Knowledge Mobilization

Queen’s is supporting the impact of


Queen’s is supporting the impact of


Queen's University is committed to the management and protection of intellectual property to maximize commercialization opportunities for the mutual benefit of the Queen's community, the public, and the economy.

Knowledge mobilization, research, and innovation are key contributors to the impact of innovation locally, regionally, provincially, and nationally.

Queen's focuses on the following to achieve impactful innovation:

Infographic showing the three areas of focus to achieve impactful innovation: Partnerships; Research Collaboration; Knowledge Mobilization.
Partnerships Research Collaboration  Knowledge Mobilization
  • Public Benefit & Economic Growth
  • Product Development
  • Partnerships with new or established companies
  • Research & Development
  • Invention
  • Evaluation
  • IP Protection "Competitive Moat"
  • Marketing Lean Startup
  • Commercialization 
  • Highly Qualified Personnel Training
  • Publications