Benefiting the Regional, Provincial, and National Economies

The Queen's University innovation ecosystem is committed to providing guidance to stakeholders on the knowledge mobilization and/or commercialization of intellectual property arising from research and innovation activities in a manner that considers the potential to generate impact (economic or social) for the region, province of Ontario, and Canada - supporting the growth of the knowledge-based economy with products, services, and/or polices brought to the marketplace for public benefit.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • engaging industry and the public/not-for-profit sectors in partnered or sponsored research activities to develop student talent and contribute Queen's research expertise to support research and development activities;
  • seeking a regional or provincial partner (a small to medium sized entity or large corporation) for the out-licensing of intellectual property for commercialization;
  • giving consideration to forming a startup to commercialize new intellectual property;
  • engaging with regional, provincial, and national programs to support innovation activities (e.g., incubators, accelerators, angel networks, research consortia, government programs and funded initiatives and agencies (e.g., Ontario Centre for Innovation, or NRC-Industrial Research Assistance Program, Superclusters)) - where mentorship, networking and supports exist to significantly increase the probability of successful commercialization.