Dinosaurs (Beavers, Brownies, Daycares, K-Grade 3)

Dinosaur Exhibit RoomAn introduction to fossils and paleontology, with emphasis on dinosaurs. Program presentation length varies from 20 minutes for the youngest audiences to 35 minutes for older groups. Children get to see and touch a variety of bone and tooth casts, and real fossils including a real dinosaur bone fossil and a dinosaur footprint fossil. A volunteer from the group is dressed up as a paleontologist to show the tools and equipment used by paleontologists. The group spends an additional 20 minutes of self-guided time looking at the dinosaur exhibits, digging in the fossil dig box (sand box with fossil casts to uncover), and they can also look at the crystals and mineral displays in the rest of the museum. A typical group is at the museum between 45 minutes and 1 hour for this program.

Cost: $35/group (taxes included)