Non-Academic Misconduct

Non-Academic Misconduct

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Which policies apply to you? 

As a Queen’s student, you may belong to several communities on campus. For example, you may be a graduate student who plays intramurals; you may be an undergraduate student-athlete living in residence, etc.  See below for more information on which Non-Academic Misconduct (NAM) policies apply to each specific community.

You are a Queen's student...

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students at Queen’s.  It outlines the activities and behaviours that could be considered Non-Academic Misconduct.  The Code also describes the NAM process and the sanctions that could be imposed on a student found responsible for a violation.

Learn more about Procedures Under the Code.

Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Queen's University Students

Sexual violence occurs on campuses across Canada.  Queen’s University has a number of policies and resources committed to Sexual Violence Prevention and Response.

You also live in Residence...

Residence Community Standards

Students living in Residence are bound by both the Student Code of Conduct and the Residence Community Standards.

The Residence Community Standards outline specific expectations regarding acceptable behaviour and conduct for those living in Residence, as well as their guests. Student-athletes living in Residence are further bound by the Athletics & Recreation Non-Academic Misconduct Policy.

You are also a part of an Athletics & Recreation team, club, or intramural...

Athletics & Recreation Student Behaviour Guidelines

Students participating in recreational athletics programming and/or on an athletic club or team are bound by the Athletics & Recreation Non-Academic Misconduct Policy in addition to the Student Code of Conduct.

The Policy recognizes that participation in sport and athletics is a privilege for which adherence to the University policies and procedures is a condition of participation. Student-athletes living in Residence are further bound by the Residence Community Standards.

Where can you find a full list of policies related to Students?

Student Policy Index

To learn more about all of the policies that apply to students, visit the Student-Related section in the University-Wide Policy Library.