Open Houses

Open Houses take place on the third Saturday of every month at 7:00pm in Ellis Hall on the Queen's Campus (58 University Ave).  Each month, a featured astronomer presents a hot topic in current astrophysics research followed by a tour of the Observatory facilities!
During the tour, visitors have a chance to look at the night sky using Observatory telescopes (weather permitting), learn about astro-particle research at the McDonald Institute and the history of physics at Queen's University. 

Upcoming Events

A Veritasium Homecoming - Derek Muller Returns to Queen's

A Veritasium Homecoming: Derek Muller Returns to Queen's

We are very excited to announce that Derek Muller, who graduated from Queen's Engineering Physics in 2004 is returning to Queen's for the first time in about 20 years as the April 15th Open House Speaker! Derek is famous for his education videos as 'Veritasium' on YouTube and he will discuss his experiences at Queen's, his career path, science communication, and what the undergraduate current students can look forward to in the future. This April will also mark the one-year countdown to the Total Solar Eclipse, coming to Kingston in April 8th 2024. Come celebrate this exciting time with us and Derek!

Check the Forecast Before you Arrive

clear sky chart

When reading the clear dark sky chart there is a 24h clock time along the top and each row gives useful information, the most important ones can be read as follows. The "Cloud Cover" row is white for cloudy and blue for clear. The "Darkness" row is white for daytime and dark blue for night time. The "Seeing" row is white for blurry skies and blue for clear skies.

Past Events


Nik and Connor Poster

Joe Bramate "Exploding Stars and Dark Matter" January Open House Poster

Yilda December Open House

Laura November Open House

October RASC Open House

Sept Open House Nathalie Poster