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Educational Programmes and School Tours

The Queen's Observatory offers daytime tours for schools, summer camps and educational institutions. We are able to accommodate any range of ages by introducing the wonders of the sky to pre- and public school children, fueling the curiosity of secondary school students and even expanding the knowledge of University students.

Each hour long virtual tour explores the night sky through the free Stellarium software. Students will learn about planets, special stars, galaxies, nebulae and more that can be seen from home with little or no equipment. They will learn about constellations, including those from indigenous cultures. With the Stellarium software, we can demonstrate how modern astronomers plan their telescope time and discuss the techniques they use to make incredible new discoveries. Of course, all are encouraged to ask questions throughout!

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Programme Fees: TBD (Minimum 15 participants, no maximum)
Contact: Akanksha Bij and Lawrence Faria, Queen's Observatory Co-ordinators

The Miller Museum & Queen's Observatory Joint Programmes

The Queen's Observatory and the Queen's University Miller Museum of Geology now have a joint educational programme: The Earth & The Stars. The programmes are centered around the Grades 4, 6 and 9 science curricula, such that schools can bring one or two classes at a time, with each class spending an hour with each institution.

Booking Information

Queen's Observatory

  • Programme Fees: TBD for the Observatory part of the joint Observatory-Miller Museum programme. There is a minimum of 15 people and no maximum per class for the Observatory virtual tour.
  • Contact: Akanksha Bij and Lawrence Faria, Queen's Observatory Co-ordinators
  • Email:
  • Phone: TBA

Miller Museum of Geology

McDonald Institute Visitor Centre

The McDonald Institute Visitor Centre serves as a gateway that encourages people to learn more about their research in the field of astroparticle physics and interact with the scientists.

  • Contact: Mark Richardson, Education and Outreach Officer
  • Complete Application form: Science & Education (scroll to the bottom)