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Welcome to Queen's University!

We are so excited to have you joining us this September 2019!

This website will provide basic information about Orientation programs available to you, whether you are a JUST starting your university career, visit Queen's on an exchange or returning from the Bader International Study Centre!  

If you are a GRADUATE student looking for your Orientation Week, please visit the SGPS Website for more information.

Orientation Programs

In an effort to answers all the questions, you have, and some you do not know you have, Queen’s University offers a 2-part Orientation program. The first one happens before you even arrive as a First Year student! Each summer we offer a Summer Webinar Series, starting in May and running until the end of August, it is a great opportunity to learn a bit more about Queen’s before you arrive! For those of you a bit closer to campus, in July we offer a Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources, or SOAR as it’s commonly known! For more information on either of these programs, visit our "Summer Orientation" tab.

To kick off the beginning of the school year, we offer Orientation Week, 7 days of events, speakers, and activities to make you feel welcome, and prepared for the year ahead. Within Fall Orientation week, there are a number of groups and faculties with even more information on their websites, where possible we provide direct links, and contact information. To know which group or faculty you are part of, use our handy "Find your Week" Flowchart here!  We are currently in our planning stages for Orientation Week 2019 and will post updates as they become available!

Connect with your Classmates!

Join the ""Queen's University - Class of 2023" Facebook group, and begin getting to know your classmates. The group provides an avenue for incoming students to meet each other, share their excitement for the fall, learn important information, and get their questions answered by upper-year students.

Orientation Week Facebook Event

You can also join the official "Queen's Orientation Week 2019" for all the updates throughout the summer!

Did you Know? Queen's University Faculty and Group Orientation Week is the largest student-run event on campus! More than 1200 volunteers have been working for the past many months, to make it the best experience possible for you!