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Orientation Week

Welcome to Queen's University! We are so excited to have you joining us this September.

Queen's Faculty and Group Orientation Week is the largest student-run event on campus. More than 1200 volunteers have been working for the past many months, to make it the best experience possible for you.

This website will give you some basic information about Orientation Week, but please don't stop here! There are NINE different undergraduate Orientation Weeks run at Queen's, and one website can only provide so much information. Find the correct week for you on the Find Your Week page, and then check out that website or email the head of that week for more information!

If you have any questions or concerns, check out the Contact Us page and send an email or give us a call!

If you are a GRADUATE student looking for your Orientation Week, please visit the SGPS Website for more information.

Welcome Day for Indigenous Students at Four Directions is August 31st. Click here for more information.

Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) Orientation is from August 27th- September 9th. Click here for more information.

Orientation Help Centre
Your main orientation information hub.
Open in the lower JDUC throughout Orientation Week or call  


If you’re a student who might be interested in events beyond Queen’s Orientation Week, we want to recognize that everyone finds a sense of belonging in different ways! Here are some events and organizations holding events during the first couple of weeks of September.