Concurrent Education Orientation

Registration will open in July!

Concurrent Education

Congratulations on your acceptance to Concurrent Education at Queen’s University!

We are so excited to welcome all future Con-Eddies to this unique 5-year-long program! Con-Ed Orientation Week is an essential part of the "Con-Eddie" experience, allowing you to engage with decade-long traditions and create lifelong memories. Our events will provide you with the special opportunity to orient yourself around campus and discover a plethora of university resources. Our goal is to help students feel comfortable in an academic, social, and environmental context while providing students with applicable resources, skills, and connections to aid in their transition to post-secondary life.

Teach Exec (Orientation Planning Executives) and your Teaches (Orientation Leaders) have been working hard to prepare this remarkable experience for you. Orientation activities allow incoming students to bond with peers, upper-year mentors, and students in other faculties. Students should expect to engage in a variety of events located around campus, focused on spreading inclusivity and Con-Ed love! With decades of tradition, Concurrent Education Orientation Week will host events such as a trip to "White's Farm", "Coverall Painting", "Headphone Disco", "Con-Ed Carnival", "Semi-Formal", and "Academics on West". We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our Con-Ed family!


Registration is closed for 2023, Fall Orientation Registration will open in Summer 2024. 


This form will be available when registration opens in Summer 2024. 


Reach out to our Head Teach at headteach@cesa.queensu.ca.