Concurrent Education

Zoom call of Concurrent Education students

Welcome to Concurrent Education Orientation!

We would like to welcome you to participate in Concurrent Education Orientation Week! Con-Ed Orientation is an amazing way to start your university journey by connecting with the entire class of Con-Eddies! Orientation introduces you to specific Con-Ed events, and traditions, and sets you up for successful years ahead. One of the main goals of Orientation is to connect you with like-minded students who share the same joy for teaching and will be in your various PROF classes. As a smaller faculty, Orientation allows you to bond with so many different people, and we become a family! We can’t wait to share our Con-Ed Love with you!

As an Incoming Con-Ed Student participating in Orientation Week, you can expect a whole lot of learning and fun! There are a variety of events that will acquaint you with the Queen’s Campus, academics, resources, and exciting social experiences. Some events to look forward to including; Ed Venture in B.Ed, Coverall Painting, Learning the Year Dance, Academics on West, and a Con-Ed excursion to White’s Farm! You will meet your Orientation Leaders – Teaches, and Teach Exec, who are responsible for planning Orientation and are excited to share their love for Con-Ed with you! Con-Ed Orientation is an unforgettable experience where you will make friendships that last a lifetime!


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