Health Sciences


Welcome to Health Sciences Orientation!

Welcome, class of 2026! We are thrilled to invite you to the Bachelor of Health Sciences program through our 2022 Fall Orientation! Together, your Health Science Executive Committee (HEC) and your COATs will be with you throughout our Orientation events to get to know your future classmates, the campus, classes, and university life. The BHSc program prides itself on inclusivity and on creating a welcoming and supportive cohort, starting with Orientation. By the end of Orientation, you will be introduced to all aspects of the university experience, from academics to extracurriculars. You will get a sneak peek into the student lifestyle and join us in rocking the Queen’s Pride and BHSc style!

Throughout Fall Orientation, you will be in a group with classmates, guided by 2 COATs (upper-year peers in the BHSc family). The Health Sciences Executive Committee, aka HEC, runs the show! Feel free to reach out to Head COAT Mariah Keeling for any questions or concerns about Orientation and how we can make this the best experience for your time here at Queen’s! The activities spread throughout the Orientation days (split up as two weekends) will be a mixture of low and medium intensity that will engage you with your classmates, COATs, HEC, and other faculties. Transitioning to university is a huge milestone, and participation in these activities makes memories that last a lifetime!


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There will be information about available financial aid when registration information is released.


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