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Welcome to Kinesiology Orientation!

On behalf of the Executive Committee of Kinesiology Orientation and the entire Kinesiology program at Queen's, welcome to the family. We are SO excited to meet you and see you at Fall Orientation! Kinesiology at Queen's is a small, yet very enthusiastic program and we cannot wait to introduce you. Through O-Week, we hope that Incoming Students have the opportunity to bond with not only their peers but also the upper years in the program. Another goal we have this year is to get Incoming Students acquainted and involved with clubs and resources on campus! Finally, we want each and every Incoming Student to walk away with amazing memories of this week! 

Fall Orientation for Kinesiology at Queen's is really unlike any other program. After meeting their "coaches", Incoming Students will all be loaded onto buses to head to Camp Oconto for an overnight trip! Camp is really what makes KIN O-Week unique and so much fun. Some events at camp include Flags, Talent Show, Campfire, and the Year Dance. For the second part of KIN O-Week, Incoming Students will be on-campus for some more traditional events, such as Coverall Painting and a Tamming ceremony. O-Week is the Incoming Student's introduction into the Kinesiology Family; it connects them with students in every year and helps build social and academic networks within the program!

See you in September!


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