Smith Engineering Orientation

Registration now open!

Smith Engineering

Congrats on now becoming a full-fledged Smith Engineering student!!!

Fall Orientation is a fun-filled week designed to introduce incoming Applied Science students to the renowned spirit and unrivalled excellence Queen's Eng is known for. Incoming students are immersed in the skills, traditions, and sense of community that makes Queen's Engineering stand apart. Incoming students will be exposed to clubs and activities, engineering design teams, and the Engineering Society services. There are lots of activities to participate in and many people to meet along the way. This is a week jam-packed with so much action and excitement, you will not want to miss out.

During Fall Orientation your Orientation Leaders (known as FRECs) will lead you through 13 events organized by the FREC Committee (FC). Some of the events that you can look forward to are Grant Hall Welcome, Thundermugz (with the nurses!), Highland Games, and finally the Grease Pole. Get ready to make friends for life and for this thrilling welcome to the Queen's Engineering community.


Registration is closed for 2023, Fall Orientation Registration will open in Summer 2024. 


This form will be available when registration opens in Summer 2024. 


Reach out to our Orientation Chair at oc@engsoc.queensu.ca.