Women entrepreneurs in a technology sector

Leveraging Queen's resources and critical funding from the government of Canada, through its Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund administered by FedDev Ontario, Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) and partners offer several programs and services to help women-identifying entrepreneurs in technology sectors (science-based, hardware-based, software-based) evaluate business ideas and determine next steps, and women-founded or women-led technology startups and SMEs develop strategies to take their businesses to the next level of growth.

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For more information about our programs and services available to all technology-focused entrepreneurs, please visit our page for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small to Medium-sized Enterprises.

We invite you to visit our WE-CAN Resources page to find valuable information and resources to help you with your business needs.

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Programs and services for women entrepreneurs in a technology sector

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea on the path to establishing a company in the next three to six months or a startup, you may be interested in applying to our physical incubation program.

Located in the Seaway Coworking building at 310 Bagot Street in Kingston, Ontario, the Queen's Startup Runway is a new physical incubation program, for entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies developing new technologies, that includes co-location with the QPI team, Launch Lab, the Southeastern Ontario Angel Network, and St. Lawrence College. The Startup Runway provides participants with access to shared workspaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, numerous resources and various amenities and services.

  For more information, please visit our Queen's Startup Runway Incubation Program page

This program is open to Kingston area woman entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. Meeting one-on-one with the WE-CAN Project Manager, WE-CAN clients create a focused Growth Plan to help move their business forward.

Priority is given to women entrepreneurs who identify with one of the following WE-CAN core service groups. 

 To learn more about the program contact Kerry Ramsay, WE-CAN Project Manager.

The WE-CAN Masterminds runs twice a year (June – December and January – June). There are two Mastermind groups: one for companies in the early stage of business (1-2 years) and one for those in the growth stage of their business (3+ years). Each Mastermind will be comprised of 8-10 participants. Priority is given to women entrepreneurs who identify with one of the following WE-CAN core service groups.

IMPORTANT: Participants must commit to consistent Mastermind attendance and engagement in order to ensure the highest possible quality of participation and results for all group members. 

Why join a Mastermind?

1. To become a part of a supportive micro-community of women entrepreneurs 
2. To challenge yourself to think differently about your business and its tactics/strategies 
3. To brainstorm ideas with other women business owners to work through a specific business challenge 
4. To discover and address your business blind spots 
5. To gain valuable feedback from a group of women entrepreneurs in a supportive environment 
6. To work through your business challenge through regular, focused group discussion 
7. To make more confident decisions and move your business forward 

 To learn more, contact Kerry Ramsay, WE-CAN Project Manager.

PropelHER is a 5-person cohort, 20-week accelerator program crafted to remove the barriers to scale-up experienced by women entrepreneurs. This program recognizes the unique attributes of each enterprise, and the needs of individual founders. The programs’ value proposition leverages the synergy of group lived experience, plus individual business and personal development learnings, translated to implementation.

Priority is given to women entrepreneurs who identify with one of the following WE-CAN core service groups. 

 To learn more about the program contact Kerry Ramsay, WE-CAN Project Manager.

The Fast Track Exporting program is being designed and delivered by the Kingston Economic Development Corp. for women entrepreneurs who reside in Kingston and the surrounding region. The program will engage women entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities to scale their business through export, and will facilitate customized information sessions to assist them in the due diligence process to prepare for export opportunities. In addition, the program will support women entrepreneurs through the process of exporting and accessing new markets.

For more information about the Fast Track Exporting program, please visit the Kingston Economic Development Corporation website 

SparQ Studios is a makerspace and design studio that provides a wide range of tools, machinery, knowledge, and expertise so that entrepreneurs can bring their ideas into a physical form. The Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre will be running prototyping workshops for women entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with working with the tools to help them be successful in the lab.

 Contact us for more information about prototyping workshops

The QPI team employs an on-staff mentor/advisor who works closely with women entrepreneurs, providing them with mentorship and connections, including support for investor preparation, attraction of strategic partners and customers, accessing government programs, initiatives and resources, market expansion (including pursuit of export markets, talent acquisition and growth in operations).

 Contact us for more information about additional mentorship services for women entrepreneurs in tech sectors


The QPI team can help provide guidance to women entrepreneurs, women-founded or women-led SMEs to develop and implement or strengthen intellectual property and commercialization.

 WE-CAN: Inquiry regarding IP services for Women in Tech

The Queen's Business Law Clinic (QBLC) provides legal services, via its Director and Queen’s Law students, to entrepreneurs and startups in Southeastern Ontario who would otherwise have difficulty affording legal counsel. The QBLC helps eligible entrepreneurs with ideas to incorporate companies and startups to establish shareholder agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, and other legal documents as appropriate to provide a company with a solid foundation.

 WE-CAN: Inquiry regarding QBLC legal services for Women in Tech

Workshops, events and other resources

The many partners in the Kingston innovation ecosystem offer numerous workshops and events. For information about the workshops and events available for Queen’s students, please visit the Queen's events calendar . For information about workshops and events for women entrepreneurs in the technology sector in the Kingston community and surrounding areas, refer to the following sources:

QPI is located in the Seaway Coworking  building in downtown Kingston. Our incubation and acceleration clients have access to the amenities available such as private Zoom rooms, a podcast studio and workshop and event space. 

Contact  Rick Boswell to learn more about access to the Seaway Coworking space.


There are many resources available for women entrepreneurs. The QPI team has curated a list of resources, which you will be able to find on our WE-CAN Resources page.   Visit our WE-CAN Resources page

In addition, the QPI team has compiled a list of resources to help regional entrepreneurs and startups, which you can find on our Resources page.

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While all of the following programs and services will be delivered in English, certain programs and services will be made available in French in accordance with the terms of the Contribution Agreement between Queen’s University and the Government of Canada. Please  contact us to discuss your interests and needs.

Alors que tous les programmes et services seront offerts en anglais, certains programmes et services seront accessibles en français conformément aux modalités de l’accord de contribution entre l’Université Queen’s et le gouvernement du Canada. Prenez  contact avec nous pour discuter de vos intérêts et de vos besoins.