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Grant HallQueen’s University is ambitious about building synergies – strengthening our relationships with current partners and working to establish new ones. Through our work with industry partners, national and international collaborators, governments, and communities, we will facilitate knowledge translation and exchange, advancing the research continuum – from fundamental science to tangible impact.

The Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) team offers the following services and resources to external organizations that are interested in collaborating with Queen's and establishing research projects with Queen’s faculty members and-or experiential learning opportunities for post-doctoral fellows and students.

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Strategic partnerships

The QPI team is outward-facing and has a mandate to be a responsive institutional front door to industry and not-for-profit organizations that are seeking interactions and collaborations with Queen’s and our research community.

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Relationship building

The QPI team facilitates introductions to Queen's faculty members.

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The QPI team works with industry and other external partners to coordinate and host strategic meetings and campus visits with Queen's Faculties, Departments, Research Centres and Institutes, and-or faculty members to showcase Queen’s research strengths and to explore the interests of external partners and opportunities to establish research collaborations.

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Queen’s is home to 22 institutional and faculty-based research centres and institutes that support interdisciplinary networks.

Research centres and institutes play an integral role in advancing the research mission and in attracting and retaining leading researchers at Queen’s. They are excellent indicators of research strengths and are utilized as a vehicle for promoting and facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Funding and talent

There are several agency-funded programs supporting collaborations between academia and for-profit partners as well as not-for-profit partners.

 Contact us to learn more about popular research partnership programs offered by the Tri-Council Funding Agencies, the Ontario Centre of Innovation, and Mitacs, and to discuss your current partnerships and objectives

Queen’s University hosts more than 24,000 students including 6,500 who are pursuing graduate degrees or second undergraduate degrees.

Contact us to discuss internships and other talent attraction strategies, including working with Queen’s Career Services, hosting a 12 to 16 month co-op or 4+ month internship student, sponsoring an undergraduate project with a number of students, working with a graduate student and their supervisor on a specific technical project, or leveraging project courses in Smith Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Smith School of Business to tap into graduate and undergraduate student talent. 

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The QPI team is responsible for the central review, drafting, negotiation, and authorization for signature of research- and-or innovation-related agreements with sponsors, collaborators, and partners for Queen's University.

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Intellectual property and commercialization

Queen’s policy on intellectual property is based on the principle of "creator ownership" unless otherwise specified in a contract between Queen’s and an external sponsor. Such contracts may include terms related to background intellectual property (BIP), foreground intellectual property (FIP, solely or jointly created) and options for accessing BIP and FIP.

To review Queen's Intellectual Property policy and related documents, please visit the Commercialization Policy page on the Innovate Queen's website..

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The Queen's Partnerships and Innovation team receives invention disclosures from Queen’s faculty members and leads the process, on behalf of Queen’s and its inventors, to promote and license associated technologies. Since 1987 Queen’s has transformed more than 1,200 invention disclosures into 200+ technologies each covered by at least one patent.

Explore technologies that are currently available for license .

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Communications and marketing

Using a variety of communication channels, the QPI team promotes successful research collaborations which we helped to establish and-or facilitate, and works with University Relations, Faculties, Departments and-or faculty members and partners to identify and publicize the objectives, outcomes, and impacts of research partnerships and specific collaborations.

 To see some of our recent stories, please see our Current News page.

Stay up-to-date on the dynamic world of research at Queen’s. The Research at Queen's website's News and Events page provides a glimpse of the latest discoveries and innovations making headlines and thought leadership contributing to the national and international conversation. It also highlights upcoming events and initiatives featuring research at Queen’s.

Workshops and events

The QPI team and partners offer numerous programs, workshops, and events for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario. To learn about upcoming workshops and events available via the QPI team and our partners, visit our Events page.

Upon request or invitation, the QPI team also coordinates and delivers interactive sector-specific workshops to facilitate engagement between faculty members and industry.

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