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We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario .


Recent Articles & Workshops supported by the Government of Canada 

Know Your Numbers: Strategies for Financial Success

Join the WE-CAN community of women entrepreneurs along with mentor Judith Pineault to learn how to make your business numbers work for you!

Virtual Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs: Virtual Business Card Exchange

Join women entrepreneurs from across Ontario to discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing market research for small business.

Moving from Career to Entrepreneurship

Join other women in the WE-CAN community to learn if making the transition from traditional career to entrepreneurship is right for you.

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Join other women entrepreneurs in the Kingston region and beyond to learn how to use effective email marketing to boost business sales.

WE-CAN: Accessibility Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs (December 2021)

Join the WE-CAN community of women entrepreneurs to celebrate and support businesses run by women with disabilities in the Kingston region

What is the Kingston Social Value Fund?

If you're a woman entrepreneur who's leading a Kingston-based business or non-profit, this innovative funding solution might be for you.

WE-CAN: Women + Wealth: How to Futureproof Your Finances

If you're a woman entrepreneur in Ontario who's planning for her financial future, then join us for this practical and profitable workshop.

Virtual Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs: Social Media Roundtable

Join women entrepreneurs from the WE-CAN community to discuss how we can uplevel our social media platforms to improve message traction.

AIMday™ Future of Livable Cities

Academic Industry Meeting day, known as AIMday™, is a unique opportunity where academic experts workshop a question or challenge from organizations.

Recruiting Top Talent for Your Business

If you're a woman entrepreneur who's looking to recruit new talent to her team, industry expert Aileen Edwards is here to help. Join us!

Angel Investing 101 for Founders

Join us to learn the basics of startup angel investing.

AIMday: Researcher Info Session - November 4, 2021

Researchers, join us to learn more about AIMday on November 4