WE-CAN: Crowdfund Your Business

How can crowdfunding help build your business? Zulany Pacheco of Equivesto presents to women entrepreneurs about the value of crowdfunding.

WE-CAN: Digital Marketing Skills for Success

Join the WE-CAN community of women entrepreneurs to learn how to sharpen your digital marketing skills and put social media to work for you.

How to create a pitch deck

Learn valuable strategies for developing your startup’s pitch deck.

WE-CAN: eCommerce 101: Creating an Online Sales Platform

There has never been a better time to launch an online shop. Join the WE-CAN community of women entrepreneurs to learn how to get started.

WE-CAN: Safeguard Your Small Business Online

Cybercrime can do real damage to any small business. Join cybersecurity expert Melony Rocco to learn how to protect your online activities.

WE-CAN: Fostering Belonging Through Inclusive + Accessible Remote Working Practice

How can women entrepreneurs help create a remote workforce that is inclusive + accessible? Join presenter Anisha Phillips to learn more.

WE-CAN: FUSION 2020 for Women Entrepreneurs

Join WE-CAN for an inspiring learning forum showcasing the successes of racially diverse women entrepreneurs in the Kingston region.

WE-CAN: Name Your Price: Assigning Value to Your Products and Services

Learn how to set fair and competitive prices for your products and services, while overcoming mindset barriers that may be holding you back.

WE-CAN: OvercomeHER Workshop Series Launch

Join us as we celebrate women entrepreneurs thriving with disabilities! Our featured guests are the co-founders of Two Canes Consulting.

WE-CAN: Mastering Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Take part in an online workshop for women entrepreneurs to help better prepare and position your business for the competitive marketplace.

WE-CAN: From Immigrant to Entrepreneur

What does it take for an immigrant woman to overcome her struggles and succeed as a Canadian serial entrepreneur? Join us and find out!

WE-CAN: Virtual Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs

Get to know other women entrepreneurs in the WE-CAN community, and let us know what your business is all about in 1 minute or less!