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Publications from previous research on lake level at ELA Lake 239 (Rawson Lake)

Laird KR, Cumming BF (2008). Reconstruction of Holocene lake level from diatoms,chrysophytes and organic matter in a drainage lake from the Experimental Lakes Area (northwestern Ontario, Canada). Quaternary Research 69: 292-305.Link to PDF

Laird KR, Cumming BF (2009). Diatom-inferred lake level from near-shore cores in a drainage lake from the Experimental Lakes Area, northwestern Ontario, Canada Journal of Paleolimnology in press DOI: 10.1007/s10933-00809248-9 Link to PDF

Moos MT, Laird KR, Cumming BF (2009).Climate-related eutrophication of a small boreal lake in northwestern Ontario: A paleolimnological perspective. The Holocene in press

Related Publications:

Cumming BF, Laird KR, Bennet JR, Smol JP, Salomon AE (2002). Persistent millennial-scale shifts in moisture regimes in western Canada during the past six millennia. PNAS 99: 16117-16121. Link to PDF

Laird KR, Cumming BF, Wunsam S, Rusak JA, Oglesby RJ, Fritz SC, Leavitt PR (2003). Lake sediments record large scale shifts in moisture regimes across the northern prairies of North America during the past two millennia. PNAS 100: 2483-2488. Link to PDF