Collaborations with Experimentalists

We are currently studying high-field THz characterization of transport phenomena in graphene with experimentalists D. Cooke (McGill) and Stephan Winner (Helmholtz-Zentrum, Dresden). My group at Queen’s is developing theoretical models of the response of monolayer and bilayer graphene to intense terahertz fields and applying those models to the experimental systems investigated at McGill and Dresden.

I have collaborated with and continue to collaborate with a number of top experimentalists from around the world, including:

Collaborator Name Research Topic Location
Stephen Winnerl Nonlinear terahertz response of bilayer graphene Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany
Tsuneyuki Ozaki and Roberto Morandotti Terahertz response of graphene and Metamaterials INRS, Montreal
David Cooke Terahertz response of graphene and semiconductor nanostructures McGill University
Stewart Aitchison Dynamic localization in coupled optical waveguide arrays U. of Toronto
Karl Leo Ultrafast optics of semiconductors Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Andrew Weiner Ultrafast optics of semiconductors Purdue University, U.S.A
Jagdeep Shah Ultrafast optics of semiconductors Bell Labs, U.S.A
Emilio Mendez Optical properties of superlattices I.B.M. Yorktown, U.S.A
Horst Stormer (Nobel Laureate 1998) Quantum transport Bell Labs, U.S.A
Hartmut Roskos Terahertz radiation gain in semiconductor superlattices Gothe Universitat, Frankfurt, Germany