Research Group

Prof. Nir Rotenberg

Assistant Professor 

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Adam McCaw

M.A.Sc. Candidate: Quantum photonic networks

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Jacob Ewaniuk

M.A.Sc. Candidate: Nonlinear quantum photonic networks

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Kasra Shadkami

M.A.Sc. Candidate: Telecom quantum platforms

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Adam Grace

M.A.Sc. Candidate: Neuromorphic control of quantum photonic systems

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Kate Szabo

B.A.Sc. Candidate: Quantum photonic platform design

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Tristan Austin

B.A.Sc. Candidate: Continuous-variable quantum circuits

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Andrew Wakileh

B.A.Sc. Candidate: Telecom quantum platforms

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Cedric Dufresne

B.A.Sc. Candidate: Multicolor nonlinear quantum optics

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