Task Force on Street Parties

Struck by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane, the Task Force builds on Queen’s existing partnerships with the City of Kingston and community partners and provides a forum to develop new and innovative approaches to address unsanctioned street parties.

Chaired by Principal Deane, the task force will bring together the university, the City of Kingston, community partners, student leaders, as well as local enforcement and emergency response partners, to examine the effectiveness of current approaches and to learn from the best practices used in other jurisdictions. The task force will also invite input and ideas from the community.

 For more information, read the Terms of Reference

Task Force Structure

Principal and Vice-Chancellor - Chair
Chief of Staff and Legal Advisor to the Principal
Vice-Principal, University Relations
Queen's Senate/Orientation Review Member
University Council Member
University Rector
AMS President, or designate
SGPS President, or designate
Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs
Associate VP (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion)
Director Campus Security and Emergency Services
City of Kingston Leadership Representative (Mayor’s Designate)
City of Kingston By-Law Representative
City of Kingston Police Representative
Frontenac Paramedics Representative
KGH/Hotel Dieu Hospital Representative
University Health Representative
Public Health Representative
St. Lawrence College Representative
Royal Military College Representative
Sydenham District (Neighbourhood) Association Representative
Portsmouth District Community (Neighbourhood) Association Representative
Williamsville District Association Representative
KingsTown District Association Representative

1. Scan of Other University/Sector Approaches

2. Psycho-Social Analysis, including Historical/Cultural Context
3. Enforcement/Policing Issues
4. Communications
5. Public Health and Safety/Harm Reduction Education

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