Queen's Strategy

Queen's Strategy is oriented toward making a positive impact on society and on the world we inhabit and we have increasingly come to understand that impact within the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Queen's has successfully used the UN SDGs as a means of channelling our sense of social responsibility, optimism and unwavering belief in a better tomorrow to support our academic mission.

Queen's Strategy Report on Progress 2023

All the possibility and potential here at Queen's resides in our people, whose intellectual curiosity, passion to achieve and commitment to collaboration are great cause for pride. The strategic goals give us purpose, coherence and direction and through the shared discourse they provide, enable us to amplify one another's efforts. The following pages confirm that those efforts are bearing fruit, and that we are truly a university for the future. 

The document showcases highlights of our remarkable progress on Queen's Strategy to date.

Strategy Report

 Read the report: Queen's Strategy Report on Progress 2023 [PDF Report 6.2 MB]


Queen’s is the university for the future. We stand on a history of strength but are unafraid to challenge assumptions of the past. We offer an exceptional student experience, attract and cultivate excellence and leadership, and push the boundaries of knowledge through research—in service to an inclusive, diverse and sustainable society.


The Queen’s community—our people—will solve the world’s most significant and urgent challenges with their intellectual curiosity, passion to achieve, and commitment to collaborate.



We stand for truth, integrity, creativity, and the power of the mind to understand problems and find solutions.


We accept our responsibility to build a diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist community for our people, to indigenize and decolonize the academy, and in all that we do, to observe the interests of the planet and the life it sustains.


We believe in collegiality, civility, generosity, trust, equity, inclusion and respect for all,
and in the relevance and potential of all the disciplines and professions, especially in their intersections and synergies.


We uphold the principles of academic freedom and defend university autonomy.


We nurture the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and community.

Strategic Goals

We will achieve our vision and our commitment to making a global impact by:

  1. Increasing the intensity and volume of exemplary, ground-breaking and interdisciplinary research, whether fundamental, applied, or driven through community partnership.
  2. Advancing highly effective pedagogies, leveraging new technologies, and reconceiving educational programs of all levels and types so as better to prepare students to have impact in their chosen careers and throughout their lives.
  3. Enhancing the interdependence of research and teaching, with emphasis on greater integration of research in the undergraduate experience, an increase in the ratio of graduate to undergraduate students, and a program to attract, support, and more effectively integrate postdoctoral fellows.
  4. Strengthening Queen’s presence globally: developing and implementing a comprehensive, equity-focused and integrated program of global engagement that includes active, strategic partnerships, enhanced student and faculty mobility, and teaching and learning reform oriented toward a pluralistic and culturally relevant global environment.
  5. Embedding Queen’s in the community: building deliberate, strategic, respectful and mutually beneficial engagement with communities outside the University, including Kingston, the region, other organizations and institutions, and national and global networks that share our goals.
  6. Ensuring that at Queen's we live our values and that our organizational structure, human resources, processes and culture are properly aligned to fulfil our mission.