Principal's Global Scholars and Fellows

Queen’s launched the Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows program in 2022 to increase its support for students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members forcibly displaced by conflict, political instability, violence, and persecution. The university has made an initial commitment of $1.25 million to this program which aims to offer sanctuary and assistance while also bringing a diversity of insights, talents, and experiences to the university.

The Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows Program is comprised of two streams.

 Principal’s Global Scholars—serves to connect undergraduate and graduate students with streamlined admission options and funding to support their learning.

 Principal’s Global Fellows—provides displaced faculty members and post-doctoral fellows with one year of support to continue their academic work. 

For full details on the program, including application details and ways to contribute, visit Global Engagement.  

Realizing Queen's Strategy

The Principal’s Global Scholars and Fellows Program is a key initiative in support of Queen's Strategy as a university for the future.