Teaching and Learning for Impact

New teaching and learning initiatives are advancing goals in the Queen’s Strategy. By integrating research with student learning, and engaging in transformative educational experiences, teaching and learning for impact continues to be a vital part of the Queen’s experience.

Recent Office of the Principal initiatives bring together diverse disciplines and perspectives, and highlight relationality and impact in teaching and learning. By intentionally weaving these areas, we are better preparing students to have their own impact on the world and shape the future.

The Principal’s Undergraduate Research Leaders (PURL) and the Principal’s Impact Courses are two enriching opportunities that explore research interests, expand understanding and experience, and promote learning and teaching with purpose. They are extraordinary opportunities that encourage faculty to ‘dream big’ and design courses that meet our global challenges, aligning with Queen’s vision for the future and in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals or for students to serve a central role in facilitating research experiences. These programs are supported by a new Teaching and Learning for Impact Framework. 

Teaching and Learning for Impact Framework 

The Teaching and Learning for Impact Framework comprises five dimensions that cultivate a learning ecosystem to enhance student learning. Its goal is to shine a light on teaching and learning experiences that already incorporate elements of this framework and at the same time inspire the development of similar opportunities. The five dimensions are iterative and interconnected. It is our hope that courses and co-curriculum experiences across various faculties and disciplines will engage with all five dimensions, but we recognize there will be various levels of depth and engagement with the points in each dimension.

teaching and learning for impact framework


Realizing our Strategy

Advancing our mission, vision and values.

Our vision for the future

We offer an exceptional student experience, attract and cultivate excellence and leadership, and push the boundaries of knowledge through research.


Principal's Impact Courses

Enhance or develop new courses that engage students in transformative educational experiences.


Principal's Undergraduate Research Leaders

PURLs facilitate research experiences through advising, increasing awareness and participation in research. 

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