Patrick Deane

Patrick Deane

Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Queen's University

The history of Queen’s University is a 180-year story of people with bold dreams and ambitions committed to creating a better world.

Over that time, this institution has grown into a strong, vibrant community with distinct traditions and character setting it apart from its peers.

But what it means to be a leading university is changing. Today, Queen’s must do more than rely on its history and past achievements to meet the imperatives of a complicated and deeply interconnected world.

Together, the Queen’s community is advancing a new vision, mission, and values that empower us to tackle some of the world’s most significant and urgent challenges. While we build on what has always defined us, we are also embarking on a new direction, channelling our sense of social responsibility, optimism, and unwavering belief in a better tomorrow to support a once-in-a-generation transformation into a university for the future.

Impact — making a tangible difference in the lives of others— is our legacy and our shared vision for the future. Our community is taking the next steps and I hope you will join us on that journey.

Our Strategy
Our Mission
Our Mission

Queen’s is the university for the future. We stand on a history of strength but are unafraid to challenge assumptions of the past. We offer an exceptional student experience, attract and cultivate excellence and leadership, and push the boundaries of knowledge through research—in service to an inclusive, diverse and sustainable society.

Our Vision
Our Vision

The Queen’s community—our people—will solve the world’s most significant and urgent challenges with their intellectual curiosity, passion to achieve, and commitment to collaborate.

Our Values: Truth

We stand for truth, integrity, creativity, and the power of the mind to understand problems and find solutions.

Our Values: Responsibility

We accept our responsibility to build a diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist community for our people, to indigenize and decolonize the academy, and in all that we do, to observe the interests of the planet and the life it sustains.

Our Values: Respect

We believe in collegiality, civility, generosity, trust, equity, inclusion and respect for all, and in the relevance and potential of all the disciplines and professions, especially in their intersections and synergies.

Our Values: Freedom

We uphold the principles of academic freedom and defend university autonomy.

Our Values: Wellbeing

We nurture the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and community.

Our Strategic Goals

Research Impact

Student Learning

Research & Teaching Integration

Global Engagement

Queen's in the Community

Organizational Culture

Leading for the future

Universities exist to create knowledge. At Queen's, we get behind ambitious people in our community who need the resources to do the kinds of groundbreaking research that they want to do. One of our priorities going forward is to make campus more porous and collaborative, both locally and globally.

Nancy Ross

Vice-Principal (Research)
Nancy Ross in front of a banister

Our people are core to what we do and are critical to successfully fulfilling our mission. We all play a role in transforming Queen’s and will need to work collaboratively to ensure our organizational culture reflects the shared values we aspire to live.

Steve Millan

Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources
Steve Millan

We can harness the passion of our students as change-makers and create authentic learning opportunities that would not only equip students with a different way of learning, being and practicing but also help us transition to a sustainable and just future.

Klodiana Kolomitro

Special Advisor to the Principal, Strategic Development
Klodiana Kolomitro