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At Queen’s University, we embrace the concept of embedding research into all aspects of the student learning experience.

Teaching and learning must be integrated with research activities. We seek to create opportunities for all who study at Queen’s—whether undergraduates, graduates, or post-doctoral fellows—to apply their passion, curiosity, and problem-solving abilities to society’s most significant and urgent challenges.

As a university for the future, we will enhance the interdependence of research and teaching and place a greater emphasis on integrating research into the undergraduate experience. Graduate students are key to providing access and opportunity to our undergraduates. Achieving our goal will rely in part on increasing the ratio of graduate to undergraduate students and develop a program to attract, support, and more effectively integrate post-doctoral fellows.

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Taking back health care

Health Sciences Dean Jane Philpott is sending a message that Canadian health care needs to change and the country’s post-secondary education sector can lead the way.

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