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At Queen’s University, we embrace the concept of embedding research into all aspects of the student learning experience.

Teaching and learning must be integrated with research activities. We want to create opportunities for all who study at Queen’s—whether undergraduates, graduates, or post-doctoral fellows—to apply their passion, curiosity, and problem-solving abilities to society’s most significant and urgent challenges. Queen’s aims to be a powerful engine of societal change and as with all aspects of our strategy, our research and teaching values support our desire to advance the UN SDGs.

As a university for the future, we strive to enhance the interdependence of research and teaching by increasing opportunities for research in the undergraduate experience. Graduate students are key partners in this pursuit as they provide access through support, mentoring, and teaching of our undergraduates. Achieving our goal will rely, in part, on increasing the ratio of graduate to undergraduate students and by seeking out the best and brightest graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for our programs.

Nathan speaking to a group of seated event participants


‘If something can be described, it can be named’

Researcher Nathan Brinklow is working to revitalize and reclaim the Mohawk language – an effort that began with his own journey to learn the words of his grandmother.

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