Principal's Summer Student Internship Program

Established in 2021, the Summer Student Internship Program provides opportunities for students to learn about and assist with matters central to university operations. In their role as Interns under this Initiative, students aid the Principal’s Office and members of the Principal’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) with projects being undertaken over the summer.  Educational opportunities are incorporated for the team of students to learn about current issues in the university sector. 

Applications are now closed

To apply for the position, log into MyCareer and follow the instructions outlined in the job posting. 

Past deadline: March 31, 2023. 

2023 Student Interns

Xen Blackwood (they/he) is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce honours student. They are committed to creating a space where QTBIPOC folk have a voice to be heard on campus. They have helped build a group with the Yellow House centred on reporting QTBIPOC students' issues on Queen's campus. Furthermore, he has been engaged in orientation week and showed dedication to ensuring the class of COMM '26 can integrate into their new lives at Queen's. As a member of the Smith Black Business Association, they are dedicated to creating a space for black students at Queen's to explore careers in business. 

Their other interests include helping local communities, creating art, creating short stories, and learning coding languages like Python. 

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Mairin McCabe (she/her) is a fourth year Applied Science student in the Computer Engineering program.  

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Nivitha Muralitharan (she/her) is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts honours student. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Employment Relations.

Bio pending.

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Leo Yang, Arts Sci '25 is an exceptionally driven and motivated student leader, who has enthusiastically engaged in a myriad of responsibilities within an extensive array of university offices and student organizations across the campus. These organizations encompass not only influential bodies like the student government (AMS and ASUS) and Smith Business School, but also prestigious clubs such as Queen’s International Affairs Association, TEDx, Pre-Law Society, and more. Within these dynamic settings, Leo's notable contributions have predominantly revolved around the realms of primarily Marketing & Communication portfolios.

Moreover, Leo's unwavering commitment has extended to encompass ten executive teams of various student organizations. Through these invaluable experiences, he has cultivated an expansive network, which he now aspires to leverage as a pivotal bridge for and between divergent parties. By effectively connecting and fostering collaboration among different stakeholders, Leo seeks to ignite the creation of engaging initiatives and foster optimal communication practices, all aimed at nurturing and enriching the vibrant Queen's Community and revive declining student engagement.

In addition to his multifaceted involvement in university offices and student organizations, Leo holds a pivotal role in the University Senate as the sole two-year student senator representing the expansive and diverse Art and Science student community, encompassing over 13,000 students. Within this position, Leo wholeheartedly dedicates himself to advocating for the interests and concerns of his fellow students, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met.

Furthermore, Leo's commitment to student representation extends to his recent election as the Vice-Chair of the Senate Student Caucus. This prestigious role positions him as a prominent advocate and leader within the broader Senate community. In this capacity, Leo tirelessly strives to champion the rights and aspirations of students, actively working towards the betterment of their academic experiences and overall well-being. With his unyielding dedication and effective communication skills, Leo serves as an influential force in shaping policies and initiatives that positively impact the lives of students at Queen's University.

bio pending

2022 Student Interns

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Brian Seo is an experienced student leader with a background in student activism, administration, strategy and advocacy. He is graduating from Queen's University with a dual degree in Civil Engineering and Economics in the winter of 2023. Read Brian's testimonial below: 

Having come from an extensive background in student government, I was extremely eager to learn more about the inner workings of the university and understand the role students play in the operations of the university.  This position has been an extremely enriching experience, being slotted into departments I did not know existed that were in fact essential in the day-to-day operations of the university. I was able to contribute to a variety of interdisciplinary institutional projects around campus, all aimed at improving the student experience and campus a more inclusive space for all stakeholders. Having had the chance to talk to various members of the Senior Leadership Team of the university and the opportunity to get a glimpse of the various aspects of the university, I am extremely thankful to have had this opportunity to work for the Office of the Principal under the Principal’s Summer Student Initiative this summer.

Grace Zhang is in her third year (‘24 BHSc) at Queen's completing a program in Health Sciences and the Certificate in Business. 

Read Grace's testimonial below: 

I had such a fantastic time working in the Office of the Principal as an intern and supporting the Senior Leadership Team on various projects. I mainly worked with the Office of the AVP (Teaching and Learning) on various academic initiatives ranging from student experiential learning to cyclical program reviews. Another project I worked on was focused on digital communications and the Principal’s social media presence.

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Kesha Ongagna is a third-year undergraduate student, majoring in Philosophy. Read Kesha's testimonial below: 

During the summer, I had the opportunity to work as an intern for the Principal’s Office, providing my skills to benefit multiple on-going projects of the university.  We were given a chance to develop many skills while broadening our knowledge and understanding of the institution’s structure. This program’s environment and dynamic allowed me to learn and take risks which permitted me to discover much of my own strengths. Our team of students was supported by supervisors and team leaders and given the space to grow. I recommend any student take a chance in the upcoming years to apply for this summer internship!

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Purity Watiwat (she/her) is a third-year Bachelor of Science student with a major in Chemistry and Health Studies. 

Read her testimonial below: 

In the summer of 2022, I was one of the Principal’s Summers Student Initiatives Interns where I assisted on various projects. The three projects I worked on involved accessibility, public safety, and employee engagement. While assisting on these projects, I was able to build and further develop new hard and soft skills as I needed to learn new software, applications, and tools, but also, needed to further improve my communication, organization, and collaboration skills. In addition, the program taught me the inner workings of a university which I would have never gotten to do in any other setting. My role cultivated a new way of looking at the world around me as I now incorporate principles of universal design to ensure that my work is accessible to a wide range of audiences. This program also gave me the opportunity to present a student’s voice and opinion so that there is no disconnect between faculty, staff, and students. 

2021 Student Interns

Solyana Gedlu

Dennis Liao

Pourousha Marandi

Camila Mercado

Robert O’Connor

Amaiya Walters