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Principal Patrick Deane - May 17, 2023

Principal Patrick Deane reflects on the Scarborough Charter.

From the Principal: Our Interdependence

Principal Patrick Deane - Jan 30, 2023

Global engagement is not merely a question of student or faculty mobility – important and vital though that is for the social and intellectual life of any academic institution that wants to call itself a university – and it is not just about having an internationalized curriculum

From the Principal: Admit them, admit them

Principal Patrick Deane - Nov 17, 2022

The latest issue of the Queen’s Alumni Review reflects some of the breadth of that engagement in our university community.

From the Principal: Building a better future

Principal Patrick Deane - Aug 02, 2022

As more and more institutions across the globe commit themselves to the 2030 Agenda, the possibility of building partnerships with real and demonstrable impact on the good of society and the planet increases dramatically.

From the Principal: Resuming our Mission

Principal Patrick Deane - May 26, 2022

I would hope that this chastened sense of possibility, arising paradoxically out of the limitation of ordinary human interaction, will have given our students a deepened sense of empathy.

From the Principal:Heart of the challenge

Principal Patrick Deane - Jan 31, 2022

An institution like Queen’s does indeed exist to serve, and the individuals who are members of this community certainly are critical beneficiaries of that service. But those individuals also share in the university’s obligation to serve society at large.

Fundamental Values as a Foundation for Sustainable Leadership

David Lock, Secretary-General of the Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna, Italy, and Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada, and President of the Magna Charta Observatory. - Dec 21, 2021

Co-authored article touches on leadership, the SDGs, and Magna Charta Universitatum 2020 values.

From the Principal: Welcoming the world

Dec 20, 2021

The fourth goal in Queen’s Strategy speaks to the importance of strengthening the University’s presence globally.

From the Principal: Benefit to the world

Aug 09, 2021

Queen's Strategic Framework shows the influence of our continuing engagement with the 17 SDGs.

Transforming the global academy

Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen's University - Apr 21, 2021

Principal Patrick Deane on how the SDGs are helping break down silos, provoke dialogue, and unite us all in a common global purpose.

From the Principal: Apprehension and hope

Apr 01, 2021

our university and communities are daring to imagine again a life not shaped and constrained by COVID-19.

From the Principal: Maximizing our impact

By Principal Patrick Deane - Nov 02, 2020

Newly released document intended to serve as the basis for a new strategic framework.