Joanna Salsberg


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Leela Viswanathan


Joanna Salsberg obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts (Honours) in Geography with a minor in Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Analysis from the University of Guelph in 2014. She completed the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (M.Pl.) program at the Department of Geography and Planning, Queen’s University in 2016. As of 2018, she is a Building and Planning Technician at the Town of Erin in Ontario.

Research with PWIP

Joanna's research explored and examined the policy implications of three wind energy developments on the Oak Ridges Moraine and their potential impact on the Ontario Greenbelt Plan review through the perspectives of First Nations and environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs). This research included data from across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, and focused in on a case study of three green energy projects within the City of Kawartha Lakes. She conducted this analysis through examining submissions to the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review, related legislation and policy, Environmental Review Tribunal hearing documents, as well as interviews with key informants.

This research is valuable for a number of reasons. It research examines the current hierarchy of provincial planning legislation and policy and reimagines it according to renewable energy approvals occurring on the Oak Ridges Moraine. This research points to the importance of planning with First Nations in an equitable manner, which is an important and emerging process across Canada. Therefore, as policy is reviewed, First Nations peoples and the Crown have the unique opportunity to create policies that enable more equitable relationships between planning and Aboriginal peoples. Additionally, the recommendations of ENGOs, many of whom are strongly committed to ensuring that planning practices in Ontario protect the province’s unique landforms, also must be considered to ensure that the provincial plans are effective now and far into the future. This research was completed at an opportune moment as the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review was on-going at the time of its completion.

Other Research Interests

  • Environmental Planning including conservation planning, ecology based planning and watershed planning
  • Social Planning including planning with Aboriginal peoples, social justice and public consultation

Master’s Report

Energizing the Oak Ridges Moraine?: Analyzing the policy implications of three wind energy developments on the Oak Ridges Moraine and their potential impact on the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review through the involvement of First Nations and environmental nongovernmental organizations.