Planning With Indigenous Peoples

Planning With Indigenous Peoples

Planning With Indigenous Peoples

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We do our best to publish all our work in Open Access formats such that diverse audiences including planners, First Nation leaders, and academics can all access our research outcomes for free and build on our collective work. This is all part of our ethical research approach which fosters theoretical generalizability and practical applications of the research. We co-author our work with community partners for publication in both academic and non-academic sources. We have a commitment to publishing work with graduate students who are instrumental to the success of all the research that is produced.

The following works were published as a result of of the collaborative research of the PWIP Research Group from 2013 to September 2017.


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  • Viswanathan, L. 2017. Decolonization, recognition and reconciliation in reforming land use policy and planning with First Nations in Southern Ontario. In Silver C, Freestone R, and Demaizere D. Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning: The Right to the City, pp.157-173. London: Routledge.

  • Viswanathan, L. Forthcoming. Settler-Indigenous relationships as liminal spaces in planning education and practice. Interface: Indigenous planning: from principles to practice. Planning Theory and Practice. DOI: 10.1080/14649357.2017.1380961. 


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  • Fehr, R., Macbeth, J., and Macbeth, S. S 2015. “Historic Land Use: Corn-Maple.” Pamphlet distributed by the authors at Walpole Island Heritage Centre Open House. [PDF]

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