Rick Fehr

Dr. Rick Fehr, Independent Researcher


I earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Canadian Studies and Native Studies at Trent University in 2004. In 2006 I obtained a Masters in Environmental Studies at York University, and I was awarded my PhD in Environmental Studies at York University in 2011. I have worked as Associate Director of First Nations Studies at Western University where I was also a faculty member in the Department of Geography, cross-appointed with First Nations Studies. Since July 2016, I am an independent researcher living in North Bay, Ontario and actively collaborating with members of the PWIP research team.

Research with PWIP

I am researching the points of intersection and contention between settlers and Indigenous peoples in early 19th century Southwestern Ontario, on Walpole Island’s traditional territory that is now the municipality of Chatham – Kent. The intent is to develop a comprehensive understanding of historic Indigenous land-use activities to help inform future land use planning decisions while acknowledging historic, contemporary, and future Indigenous presence on the land.

Other Research Interests

My research focuses on Indigenous and settler connections to land through livelihood, stories, and the resulting changes to land water. This interest comes from growing up in rural Chatham – Kent as a non-Indigenous person who spent a lot of time on Walpole Island and Lake St. Clair. When I teach, I bridge this interest with the classroom by bringing my students to the community where they take part in experiential learning opportunities such as invasive species removal and habitat restoration. My community-based classes emphasize traditional values of reciprocity while considering potential paths of mutual respect for Indigenous and non-Indigenous society.


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