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Hosting Visitors and Events

Hosting Distinguished Visitors

Another duty Club members enjoyed and carried out with pride was greeting and entertaining distinguished visitors to Queen's.

In May of 1945, the Club arranged a luncheon for wives and guests of delegates attending the meetings of the Royal Society at Queen's at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club. The wives of delegates at the Canadian American Relations Conference held at Queen's were guests of the Club.

Other distinguished guests hosted by the FWC included

  • Lady Tweedsmuir
  • Lady Alexandra and her lady-in-waiting
  • First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (see framed photograph in the living room of 144 Albert St)
  • Madame Bredo Stabel, wife of the Norwegian Ambassador
  • Mrs. J. Lovink, wife of the Ambassador to the Netherlands
  • Mrs. Walsh and Area Commandant Walsh
  • Mrs. Simmons and Commandant Simmons, National Defence College

Organizing Spectacular Events

Another activity the Club undertook willingly was to sponsor and host a series of 'spectacular' events in Grant Hall to which the entire Queen's community was invited. These included:

  • A Country Fair
  • Square Dance Jamboree
  • A floor Show and Evening Soirée
  • A St. Patrick's Dinner Party
  • Queen's Ceilidh
  • Printemps à Paris