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The Queen's Women's Association

The Queen’s Women’s Association, originally established as the Faculty Women’s Club in 1939, is located in a comfortably furnished brick house at 144 Albert Street. It is a meeting and networking place for women who hold or whose spouse/partner holds a position at Queen’s University, as well as for those who have held or whose spouse/partner has held a position at Queen’s in the past.

The QWA provides a means of social interaction for its members, works cooperatively with Queen’s University to foster a collegial atmosphere on the campus, and supports women students at Queen’s University by funding bursaries and awards.

The Association’s objectives are:

  • To strengthen bonds between members of the QWA and Queen’s University.

  • To enhance collegial life at Queen’s University by providing congenial surroundings in which members can participate in social, intellectual and cultural activities.

  • To help facilitate projects relating to Queen’s University which are of interest to QWA members.

  Membership Reception is held in September.
this year only, it will be at the University Club.
New and renewing members
are invited to attend.