Welcome To Queen's Women's Network!

Vision Statements:

  • QWN is a self-governed community promoting growth and leadership through a decentralized model 

  • QWN challenges stereotypes and advocates for realized change through the creation of a community where diverse voices are heard and valued

  • QWN creates a welcoming space that forges connections, builds knowledge, and expands spheres of influence among its membership 

  • QWN aims to amplify women’s voices and encourage development of all marginalized groups across campus

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QWN - Queen's Women's Network (Formerly YWQ - Young Women at Queen's) is an Employee Resource Group that prides itself on being non-hierarchical and inclusive of our members and the Queen's community. More information on QWN is located in the "What We Do" section.

QWN is open to Queen's affiliates who self-identify as women; although our group is predominantly staff, we also welcome students, faculty, grad students, post-docs, etc. 

What is an ERG?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, staff led groups within an organization that focus on the common goals/values of the group. They centre around the employees and aim to foster inclusivity and diversity within the organization. 

"Queen’s Women's Network offers a great support system for staff.  Not only have I been able to meet new colleagues from across campus, but I was also able to use some of these connections to conduct informational interviews to plan out my future goals.  Everyone in the group is friendly, approachable and it’s been great to have conversations with like-minded people." 

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