QWN Committees

The creation of committees has allowed QWN to maximize each members' interests and talents and allow for new skill-building opportunities. Committees are collaborative and flexible in nature and any member may create or join a committee.

Mentorship Committee:

The QWN Mentorship Program provides a resource for those interested in broadening their network and working towards career advancements. To learn more about this program please visit the Mentorship page.

Speaker Series Committees:

Public Lecture Committee: QWN hosts a public lecture or talk at least once a year. We have hosted guest speakers on a variety of topics. Check out the events block located on the left hand side for upcoming dates. 

Lunch-time Speaker Series Committee: During our Lunch-time Speaker sessions, women in higher-level positions in the Queen's and Kingston community share their professional and personal experiences with the group. Recent topics include "Making the Most of a Mentorship Opportunity," "Career Overview and Advice for my Younger Self," and "Self-Motivation Strategies."

Internal Speaker Series Committee: Our Internal Speaker Series allows group members to share their professional and personal experiences, allowing members to gain valuable information and skills. This series runs through the summers when things are less busy on campus.

 Internal Speaker Presenter Guide (Word, 16 KB)

Social Committee:

The Social Committee is a way for us to get to know each other in a casual setting. Events held in the past include patio hangs, karaoke, clothing swaps and dinners. QWN is also on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Logistics Committee:

QWN's logistics team helps manage the QWN email inbox, send out communications with the mailing list as well as maintain membership list. 

Website Committee:

The Website Committee is in charge of creating and updating this very website. Valuable skill sets to contribute or learn include web design, graphic design, writing and editing. 

Power Up Committee:

To help solidify support and development for ERGs at the university level and promote the creation of more ERGs on campus QWN hopes to introduce a “reverse mentorship” program where ERG members are used as a resource for senior administrators.