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QWN Mentorship Program

Program Information

The QWN Mentorship Program puts the Mentee’s in the driver’s seat.  As a mentee, you are responsible for setting up meetings with your Mentor, bringing topics or questions to discuss and following up as required.  Our mentors are great resources for you to access and to keep them coming back, we want to minimize the amount of extra work they need to do to provide this great opportunity to the members of Queen's Women's Network. 


Mentorship Timeline Commitment

The mentorship program runs for 10 months from approximately March until December.  During this time you and your mentor will decide on the meeting structure that works best for both of you, meeting regularly within these 10 months with a commitment of approximately 1 meeting/month.  Please see below for approximate timeline, please note that this is subject to change:

Monday, January 11, 2021 - Mentee Applications Due

January – Mentee Participation Confirmed, 1 hour lunch training & matches assigned

February – Mentor/Mentee meetings begin

June – Mid-year program meeting - 1 hour over lunch

November – End of program Mentee meeting for feedback



All information provided in your application is confidential and will not be used or shared outside of the purposes of providing you with a mentorship match. Matches are not publicized, only you and your mentor will be aware of the match. 

QWN Mentee Application Form 2021 (PDF)

"Unlike a teacher or even a coach who is focused on helping us learn and practice a particular set of skills, a mentor acts as a guide who helps us define and understand our own goals and pursue them successfully. 
Good mentoring therefore depends on a reciprocal learning relationship between you and your mentor. Together, you form a partnership to work collaboratively on achieving mutually defined goals that focus on developing your skills, abilities, knowledge and thinking." 
- "The Mentee's Guide - Marking Mentoring Work for You" by Lois J. Zachary with Lory A. Fischer