Criminology and Law

Scholars in this cluster explore a wide range of questions regarding the nature of crime, law and criminal justice. More specifically, faculty in this research cluster examine youth in conflict with the law, crime and homelessness, criminal victimization, gender and crime, juvenile justice, policing, drug markets, situational crime prevention, program evaluation, courts and sentencing, bail and pretrial detention, punishment and social control, and the professions of law. Researchers in criminology and law contribute to sociological theories of crime, victimization and social control and employ a vast range of methodologies in their research projects.

Exploring Officer Patrol Behaviors Using Automated Vehicle Locator and Body-Worn Camera Data in Kansas City, Missouri
Victoria Sytsma (Co-PI). U.S. National Institute of Justice, 2023-2024.
$862,804 USD
An investigation of the Toronto Police Service body-worn camera program 
Victoria Sytsma (PI). SSHRC Partnership Exchange Grant, 2023-2024.
Intersecting Institutions of Criminal Justice and Injustice
Nicole Myers (Co-applicant). SSHRC Partnership Grant, 2022-2029.
$2.5 million
Paralegals and Access to Justice: Regulation, Job Rewards, and Legal Services during COVID-19 Pandemic
Fiona Kay (PI). SSHRC Insight Grant, 2021-2026.
Risky Decisions: Professional Judgement, Public Safety and the Bail Decision
Nicole Myers (PI). SSHRC Insight Grant, awarded 2021-2025.
COVID-19 and Policing in Ontario: Preparing for Future Pandemics
Alana Saulnier (PI); Victoria Sytsma (Collaborator). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Individual Partnership Development Grant, 2021-2024.


Trauma at the Root: Exploring Paths to Healing with Formerly Incarcerated Men
Nicole Myers (Co-PI). Health Canada awarded, 2018-2023.

Pre-trial Detention and the Right to Reasonable Bail
Nicole Myers (Co-PI). Canadian Bar Association Law for the Future Fund, 2021-2022.
Employment Transitions among Professionals at Late Career Stage: Bridging to Retirement, Job Innovation, and Volunteerism
Fiona Kay (PI). SSHRC Insight Grant, 2016-2021.
Virtual Bail Courts: Balancing Risks to Public Safety with Risks to Public Health
Nicole Myers (PI). Queen’s Rapid Response SARS CoV-2/COVID, 19 May 2020, 5 months.
Evaluation of the Guelph Police Service's body-worn cameras pilot project
Alana Saulnier (PI). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Partnership Engage Grant, 2020.
Identifying Situational Determinants of Police Use of Force: A Systemic Social Observation of Body Camera Footage in Newark, NJ
Victoria Sytsma (Co-PI). The Charles Koch Foundation, Criminal Justice & Policing Reform Program, 2019-2020.
$110,346.69 USD
Street Youth, Criminogenic Social Schemas, and Crime
Stephen Baron (PI). SSHRC Insight Grant, 2017-2020.
$137, 471
Racial Diversity in Corporate Law Firms: A Longitudinal Study of Organizational Practices Shaping Hiring, Retention, and Promotions
Fiona Kay (PI). SSHRC Insight Grant, 2013-16. 
Law Firm Employment Practices and the Representation of Minority Associates and Partners
Fiona Kay (Co-Investigator). Law School Admission Council, 2010-2013.  
Street Youth, Differential Coercion, and Chronic Offending
Stephen Baron (PI). SSHRC, 2008-2013.
Gendered Career Trajectories: A Longitudinal Study of Women and Men Lawyers’ Law Practices and Pro Bono Service Commitments
Fiona Kay (PI). SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2009-2012. 
Career Pathways in Law: A Study of Gender and Job Transitions
Fiona Kay (PI). Law School Admission Council, 2009-2011. 

BARON, Stephen
Research Areas: Criminology; Young Offenders
KAY, Fiona
Research Areas: Sociology of Law; Gender; Research Methods; Professions
MYERS, Nicole
Research Areas: Bail and Pre-trial Detention; Supervision and Conditions of Release; Court Processing and Sentencing; Punishment and Social Control; Criminal Justice policy
Research Areas: Legal authorities use of surveillance technologies; Public perceptions of surveillance in society; Evidence-based policing; Evidence-based crime policy; Experimental criminology 
SYTSMA, Victoria
Research Areas: Criminology; Policy & Program Evaluation; Policing; Quantitative Data Analysis